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   GO BEHIND THE SCENES AS HAIR PROS SHARE WHAT THEY DO ON THE DAILY TO MAINTAIN THEIR OWN MANES. THE PRO: Jet Rhys Owner, Jet Rhys Salon, Solana Beach, CA HAIR TYPE: Color-treated and finely textured but thick in density MY REGIMEN: I worship Bumble and bumble! I shampoo and condition with their Bb

While rainbow hair is something best left to reality TV stars and tweens, rainbow roots – which are only visible when you ruffle your fingers through your hair or wear an updo—are pretty fantastic. I watched a video in which a dark-haired woman got this style after bleaching her roots to smithereens. Since my roots

  Add swing, style and movement without losing major length with these 20+ innovative styles, from our friends at Jean Claude Biguine salons. “When layers are cut correctly, they give your style more movement and versatility. Done poorly they can make your hair look wispy, thin or even like you have two separate haircuts.” –

    Is your hair fine and flat? Thick and unruly? Prone to frizz? Maybe you’ve had a hard time getting your mane to behave in the past, but the turmoil tops here! Iv’e tailor-picked products to help you get the look you want. Simply find your hair type under each category and apply the

We’ve all heard the saying “blondes have more fun,” but we’re here to argue that it’s the curly-haired girls who actually have the best time. Sure, the frizz factor may make you want to scream in the middle of July, but there are tons of products to nip that humidity issue in the bud. We

Three top stylists share their beauty truths (and other obsessions.) Get the lowdown on the best products and the hottest styles, plus what to avoid if you want great hair. THE PRO: Jet Rhys, Co-Owner, Jet Rhys Salon, Solana Beach, CA My 5-minute hair fix: The scrunch-and-go! I spritz day-old hair with hairspray, then use

time to shine Try these four steps to locks that reflect so much light, your friends will need shades. By Jet Rhys Nothing makes hair more beautiful than megawatt shine! It’s something we all all long for, but because of heat styling routines and brushing, our hair cuticle’s outer layers can ruffle, leaving it looking

   Coachella inspired styles set the scene for your alfresco music season. Get ready to go boho! Cali-based Coachella may be the most well-known music festival to date (who can resist celebrating amazing music alongside celebs like Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Leonardo DiCaprio and Lea Michelle?). But if you can’t make it to the show,

By Krista Bennett Demaio Not all beauty products are created equal, or let’s be real, even remotely equal. Some face washes leave your skin positively dewy, while others leave it feeling more like old sandpaper. One shampoo may make your hair look lush and shiny—another, well, you get the picture. And most of time, you

    Rock it curly, straight or wavy–no matter your hair type––with your perfect product pairings. Call it hair mixology. by Jet Rhys There are so many hair products on the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. What should you buy to suit your hair type? How much should you apply to get the finish

  by Mara Santilli Do you have combination hair Most of us do, experts say. The bigger question is what type of combo. Once you discover that, find out here how to adjust your routine and bring out the healthy, silky, shiny hair you were always meant to have. Damaged, dry top layer + oily